As much as Barbara’s extraordinary harp collection looks like a museum, it is something quite different. She plays all her harps during a concert season, in major concert halls such as Symphony Hall and Jordan Hall.


Front left to right:
• Renaissance double-row harp ( Rainer Thurau, Wiesbaden, Germany )
• Gothic harp (Simon Capp, England)
• Irish lever harp (made by BPE, workshop with Frank Sievert, Germany )

Back left to right:
• Bavarian single-action harp ( Simon Schwaiger, Bergen, Germany )
• Black Concert Grand harp, Style 30 ( Lyon & Healy, Chicago )
• Gold Concert Grand harp, Style 23 ( Lyon & Healy, Chicago )
• Italian Baroque triple harp ( Catherine Campbell, Port Townsend, WA )


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