Anton, happy and beautiful

Family vacation to Mt. Cardigan ... gummi bears...

Paul is a first grader

Martha in Germany, summer 2012

Brohers, February 2012

Martha's crown

November 2011

Paul, Martha and Anton, with Barbara

Anton has finally arrived

Martha is excited seeing a big bug

Paul enjoys Mama's harp demonstration

Family hike

Paul's violin

Martha likes the violin stuff too

March 2010

Paul and Martha

Martha tries the paper violin

Music making

Birthday breakfast

Papa, Paul and Martha's pretty dress

Martha bundled up after a bath

Our Martha, happy and beautiful

Proud Paul, with his new bike, June 2009

Our family in April 2009

Martha is one week old

Paul is two years old

Working with Grandpa's and Tante Tina's Noah's Ark

My "Tipi mue" (Zipfelmuetze)

First Christmas with Paul

Looking up to dad

Trying our new harp








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